KWE owned entities are engaged in the business of warehousing, distribution/order processing, kitting distribution, site management, inbound logistics, returns management, packaging and de-packaging, materials positioning (in factory and office) and, in limited cases, carrier/forwarder management. KWE also participates in several Supply Chain Optimization Programs like Customer Service Outsourcing, SCM Planning Consulting and E-Commerce Support. By removing the barriers to obtaining cost efficiency and by outsourcing logistics management, progressive organizations can change their perspective and focus on core values.

We are offering complete logistics packages on specific trade lanes. Our competitive advantage in Third Party Logistics is as follows:

Business Element:

  • Over 25 years of distribution experience and 50 years of transportation experience.
  • Our 3rd party services are linked to a full menu of worldwide transportation services.
  • Extensive Infrastructure
  • Forty years plus experience dealing with customers from all over the planet.

Competitive Advantage

  • Minimizes the "learning curve" problems that newcomers experience.
  • Removes several "pass off" points in the supply chain which increases overall process predictability.
  • Provides a base upon which to add more sophisticated 3rd party services.
  • We understand the needs of customers, especially MNC customers.
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