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Kintetsu World Express (USA) Inc., began providing Customs Brokerage services in 1989. Since that time, KWE has become a 'Best in Class' service provider meeting and often time exceeding client expectations. Whether it is timely clearance and delivery services; ad hoc customized reporting, or event driven notifications from our Unified Freight System, KWE has a service geared towards your every need.

KWE's Gateway Clearance centers are conveniently located near the largest ocean ports and airports and provide comprehensive Customs Brokerage services to our clients through our network of 35 branches within the United States. Offering full service Customs Brokerage services which includes but is not limited to direct or HUB centralized Customs clearance processing, RLF processing, outport service processing, ISF filing, duty drawback, binding ruling services, as well as a host of comprehensive high level Customs and other regulatory agency compliance service projects, KWE is more than just a broker that clears shipments.

KWE's Corporate Trade & Compliance Group, an autonomous department answering directly to the President of KWEUSA and the Board of Directors has been established to ensure the highest level of regulatory compliance for KWE and our clients. As a matter of record, over the years, KWE has established and maintained 100% compliance in the Letter of the Law category, and consistently scored better than 96% in Major Transaction Discrepancy measurements by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

KWE has also led the industry by establishing internal continuing education programs that require KWE's employees to maintain a specified number of credit hours per year. This same educational platform has also been used to extend our educational capabilities directly to our clients where changes in the regulatory environment and trade marketplace have necessitated client educational outreach programs be developed and deployed.

Through the use of web based live training courses, to conducting quarterly educations seminars that are free to the trade, as well as providing onsite training of our clients and their staff; KWE places a high value on ensuring that our staff and our clients receive the right training and information, at the right place and at the right time.

So when you need more than 'just a broker' think of Kintetsu World Express (USA), Inc., because anyone can clear or deliver your shipment, but it takes a real Customs House Broker to represent and provide for your needs to allow you to compete in today's market.

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