Executive Officers Committee
Tetsuya Yamanaka, President and CEO
Tetsuya “Tim” Yamanaka is the newly appointed President and CEO of Kintetsu World Express (U.S.A.) Inc., and General Manager of the Americas region. Following Nobutoshi “JT” Torii’s term, Tetsuya Yamanaka is tasked to pursue healthy and continuous growth for KWE across the Americas region in order to achieve the goals laid out in the Corporate Mid-term Management Plan.

Additionally, Mr. Yamanaka will help to foster KWE’s relationship with the newly acquired APL Logistics, in order to achieve a unified vision which he has dubbed “One U.S.A.”.

Tim was born in Tokyo, Japan and received his Bachelors of Commerce at Waseda University. He was fairly active in sports, having played soccer in high school and tennis in college. His KWE career began in April 1984, when he was assigned to the Tokyo Export Sales Office as a Sales Executive. After one decade, Tim was promoted to Sales Manager and transferred overseas to KWE U.S.A.’s Los Angeles Export Terminal to apply his sales knowledge and gain firsthand experience on the Americas market. In July 1996, Tim’s leadership and management skills were put to use at KWE’s San Francisco Export Terminal as Assistant Terminal Manager—by July 1997, Tim was promoted to Terminal Manager.

After seven more years of outstanding performance, he returned to Japan Headquarters in September 2004, this time as the appointed Chief Staff Manager of the Import Sales Department. In 2008, Yamanaka was assigned to the position of Deputy General Manager of Import Sales. The following year, he transferred to KWE’s busiest Southeast Asian sector, Singapore, to head as Managing Director for one year before returning back to Japan Headquarters to resume his duties as General Manager of Import Sales. After half a decade, Tim was inducted into KWE Japan’s Board of Directors in 2015, charged with oversight of Imports.

Since his appointment as President of KWE U.S.A. in 2016, Tim has relocated to KWE’s New York headquarters. He has fathered two sons, 24 and 20, who currently reside in Tokyo with his wife. On weekends — when time permits — Tim relaxes by studying the craft of cooking.
Luke Nakano, Senior Executive Officer, VP, Latin-American Region

Keisuke "Luke" Nakano, President of KWE Brazil, currently holds a position at KWE USA as Senior Executive Officer of the Executive Committee. Getting his start at KWE Japan in 1983, Mr. Nakano has since accumulated a vast amount of experience in a multitude of positions. He joined KWE USA when he took on the role of Sales Manager at KWE Toronto in 1988. Since then, Mr. Nakano's experience includes Staff Manager of the Perishable Department in West Region, Branch Manager of KWE Dallas, Assistant VP of South Region, and the President of KWE Latin America.

In his role as the President of KWE Brazil, Mr. Nakano led a campaign that resulted in the commencement of a subsidiary company in Brazil which began business activities on April 1, 2013. The goals and focuses of KWE Brazil are to (1) Create "synergy" among the KWE Group by leveraging Brazil businesses, (2) Further expanding business in Brazil, (3) Continue to promote the Brazilian market and educate all KWE Group members about new Sales opportunities in this market and (4) Make the best utilization of our resources in the Latin America Region to promote U.S. Brazil business.

Currently residing in Miami, Mr. Nakano’s primary role as Senior Executive Officer Latin America is to enhance KWE’s standing in South America.

Kat Nanto, Corporate Secretary & Senior VP, General Affairs
Katsuyuki “Kat” Nanto earned a MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Minnesota State University with some brief internship work at KWE in 1981 and 1982. Having been with KWE since 1983, Mr. Nanto has accrued more than thirty years of experience and is an expert in airfreight sales and profit maximization. His career at KWE began in the Sales Department of the Cleveland and Chicago branches. In the 90s, Mr. Nanto was promoted to Terminal Manager of Detroit branch and Senior Director and Terminal Manager of Chicago Export branch. Additionally, he served as the management representative for the acquisition of the ISO 9002 Certification for the Chicago Terminal.
Thomas B. Smith, Executive Officer and President, KWE Canada
Thomas "Tom" Smith has extensive experience in International Forwarding and Logistics business, having joined KWE in 1983. Smith also worked as a District Manager for Pandair, a major European based forwarder, and District Sales Manager for Air Express International in San Diego before rejoining KWE in January 1987. He holds an Associate Degree in Flight Operations from Grossmont College and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from San Diego State University.

Mr. Smith has held numerous positions at KWE over the last 36 years, including Branch Manager in San Diego, National Account Branch Manager in San Francisco, Vice President of Corporate Sales and Marketing, Regional Vice President of the USA West Region and Senior Vice President of the Business Development Department based in Los Angeles. He served as a member of KWE U.S.A.'s Board of Directors from March 2002 until March of 2014.

In March of 2014, Tom was elected to the Executive Officer Committee as Senior Executive Officer and the following month was transferred to the KWE USA Corporate Head Office in Jericho, New York to begin a new assignment as the Senior Vice President of Administration & Procurement and Corporate Secretary.

In May of 2019, Tom was transferred to Toronto, Canada and was assigned as the President and Managing Director of KWE Canada. He remains on the Executive Officer Committee of KWE / USA as an Executive Officer.
Jay Miyagi, Senior Executive Officer, Senior VP, Business Development Department

Takashi “Jay” Miyagi is Senior Vice President of the Business Development Department (BDD), and oversees proactive projects to bolster KWE USA sales performance. His wealth of experience across Japan and US offices lends him critical insights on essential aspects of KWE’s business. Jay’s leadership and management have vastly improved KWE’s sales initiatives, including CRM development, marketing, RFP pricing, business implementation, and account management. Jay is also one of the key figures in KWE USA’s joint collaboration team with APL Logistics after the latter’s purchase by KWE in 2015.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Jay attended Hosei University and earned Bachelor of Letters in English Literature. His journey with KWE began in 1987, where he joined Kintetsu World Express Japan as part of the export sales team in Tokyo.

In 1995, Jay transferred to the KWE Los Angeles Export branch as Sales Manager, and was later promoted to Branch Manager of KWE Portland in 1999. Jay was reassigned as Import Branch Manager for KWE San Francisco in 2001, and took additional assignments at San Francisco’s Export and Ocean branches until March 2008, when he transferred to KWE Japan’s Shinjuku Import sales office as Deputy Office Manager. In 2009, Jay returned to KWE USA as Director of Corporate Sales and Marketing. He was assigned as Vice President of the Business Development Department (BDD) following its reorganization in April 2014. In March 2016, Jay was elected as an executive officer.

Hideo Kosaka, Deputy Executive Officer

Hideo Kosaka was born and raised in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Graduating from Waseda University with a Bachelors of Commerce, he joined KWE in 1995 as a member of Ocean Import Sales Office based in Tokyo. The following year, Hideo obtained his Japanese customs broker license and continued to excel in position. In 2007, Hideo transferred to KWE USA to serve as the Assistant Branch Manager of Dallas. His resourcefulness and leadership led to a promotion as Branch Manager in 2009, which he served for two years until his transfer to become KWE’s Chicago Branch Manager in 2011.

Three years later, Hideo’s work ethic allowed for an additional assignment as Sales Director of Central Region in 2014, which he carried out in addition to his branch responsibilities. He transferred back to KWE Japan in 2015 to demonstrate and share his accumulated industry knowledge and market dynamics. After serving the Nagoya branch as its Export Sales Manager, Hideo returned to America as KWE USA’s Regional Vice President, West Region in 2019.

Jun Won (Mike) Park, Deputy Executive Officer

Born in Seoul, Korea, Mike was inducted to Kintetsu World Express in 1995, serving his first position in the Operations department of the Detroit Branch. The following year, Mike was reassigned to the Sales department for his initiative and excelled among his peers.

In 1997, Mike was promoted to an earlier iteration of KWE’s Corporate Sales division, assigned as Country Manager of Korea to collaboratively maintain and grow business during the Asian Financial Crisis. With a focus on the automotive vertical, his marked success soon earned Mike the title and responsibilities of Detroit Branch Manager in 2001.

Despite being one of the youngest branch managers in KWEUSA, Mike’s leadership and oversight contributed to an expansion of warehousing and distribution business across the Midwest. He relocated to Chicago in 2004 to take on a role as Export Branch Manager. With key insight on changing automotive trends and time-honored knowledge of KWE’s operational strengths, Mike’s tenure was characterized by a continual growth in inter-regional market share.

In 2011, Mike transferred to KWE Korea to serve in as VP of Sales and Customer Service capacities, strengthening bonds with globally recognized automakers and reinforcing control tower management in the commerce hubs of Seoul and Busan. He returned to America in 2016 to take up the mantle of Regional Vice President for the US Central Region, which continues to flourish under his experience and care.

As a loving husband and father to two daughters, Mike is first and foremost a family man. He is also a proponent of health and fitness and enjoys athletics and golfing when time permits.

Octavio Suero, Deputy Executive Officer

Octavio Suero is Regional Vice President of the U.S. East Region, encompassing nine branches and three sales offices from Boston to San Juan. The region handles multiple product groups including air export, air import, ocean export, ocean import and warehousing. Octavio has promoted year-over-year volume growth and has focused on developing key market segments to include Healthcare, Automotive, Aviation, Construction equipment and industrials in various sectors of the economy.

Born in Santa Clara, Cuba, Octavio Suero immigrated to the U.S.A. at the age of three, growing up in South Florida. He attended the University of Miami as part of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarship, earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1988. Upon graduation, Octavio served 12 years in the Army Reserve as a Transportation and Civil Affairs officer. Captain Suero was called to active duty in 1996 and deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of the NATO peacekeeping mission Operation Joint Endeavor.

Octavio started his KWE career as part of the Chicago Branch’s Air Import Sales department. Over a span of 28 years, Octavio took on increasing responsibilities and positions to develop KWE’s market share and resource network. In 2000, Octavio was assigned to KWE Miami as branch manager, overseeing its day-to-day operations and ultimately expanding the Latin American Gateway. Octavio returned to Chicago in 2004 on dual assignment as Regional Sales Manager and Branch Manager, oversaw sea freight activities from 2008 to 2011, and traveled between the Chicago, Louisville, and Cincinnati branches as a Sales Director from 2011 to 2016. On March 2016, Octavio was promoted to Vice President of U.S. East Region.

Ippei Ueda, Deputy Executive Officer

Born and raised in Hyogo, Japan, Ippei Ueda received his Bachelors of Commerce at Kwansei Gakuin University. He joined Kintetsu World Express in 1998 to work for its accounting department in Japan, transferring to the US Headquarters after 11 years of service in 2009. In 2014, Ippei’s diligence and direction led to his promotion to Director of Accounting in 2014. Two years later, Ippei was promoted once again to Treasurer & Vice President of Accounting in 2016. He was elected as a deputy Executive Officer in 2019.

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