As a world leader in logistics, Kintetsu World Express (KWE) offers a various assortment of careers around the globe. The KWE Group's global network consists of 9,238 valuable employees orchestrating the different elements of logistics, supply chain and distribution around the clock in over 300 locations worldwide to continuously provide the best of our services. By being a global company, KWE embraces diversity in our organization and understands the importance of integrating unique outlooks and the needs of our clients. Customers trust KWE with their business because of the amount contribution to commitment, support, and attention to detail KWE employees offer.

Devoted to continuing the Excellent Employee-Relations Program, the company strives to maintain and support good working conditions, competitive wages and benefits. In addition, KWE strongly encourages open communication and employee involvement. It is essential that all employees receive proper training to develop and enhance their capabilities in order to prosper in their placed roles. KWE offers a range of exciting opportunities for those who are entry-level to experienced professionals. KWE hires both full-time employees, part-time employees and temporary employees, depending upon the position required to be filled.

KWE prides its success upon creative, dedicated employees who are willing to deliver their best, and who are motivated by a spirit of teamwork, productivity, and quality. KWE's success is created by each valuable employee who collaborates through a diversity of talents and perspectives to stimulate new business outlooks. KWE understands that its biggest asset is its employees; and as a result, the organization strives to ensure that the company's past achievements and future attainable goals will make all those integrated in the company's network proud and enthusiastic to be a part of the team at large. KWE seeks leaders and develops individuals who perform to the needs of our clients and the company.

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